How “Made in the USA” Products Could Be a Game-Changer for Your Private Label Brand

Made in USA label

The labels on your product packaging say a lot about what your brand stands for. Some brands will flaunt that their goods are organic, while others take pride in being vegan and cruelty-free. But did you know that slapping on a “made in the USA” label can benefit your business and help it grow tenfold?

Over the last few years, there’s been a strong and intense preference for products that are made by Americans, for Americans. There are many reasons why American-made is making waves in all business industries. They range from the emotional to the logistical and even to the environmentally impactful.

Trying to pin down the perfect place to manufacture your private label goods? FLPL is about to share several ways you can benefit from selling products made in USA/an FDA registered facility.

It Reassures Customers That Your Products are Safe to Use

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Products that are made in the USA follow strict and stringent rules and safety standards. This is in contrast to many other developing countries that don’t assure that level of quality when the goods are manufactured in their factories. When you’re buying “made in the USA” goods, you’re almost always guaranteed safety.

Plus, American products are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, also known as the FDA. This agency ensures that public health is the top priority when manufacturing goods like food, medicines, and beauty products. Consumers trust them, meaning that they’ll then trust you.

Then comes what is known as FDA-registered facilities. Factories and manufacturers must consistently register with the FDA. They do this to prove that they follow best practices when it comes to producing goods that are safe and high in quality. This allows that particular factory to manufacture specific products.

As a responsible private label brand owner, you want all your beauty products to be created only in an FDA-registered facility. At FLPL, production is done only in FDA-registered labs, so you can rest assured that your products will come out safe and in tip-top shape every single time. We guarantee that!

Products made in USA/an FDA registered facility are also tested and inspected more thoroughly than in other countries. This is in adherence to the regulation of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an agency that promotes risk assessment and safety of goods and services. Again, consumers trust them.

Safety for Workers

Apart from the safety of the products, the USA also prides itself on keeping lab workers safe. There are labor laws and regulations in place to make sure everyone working on your products is safe and taken care of. Not only are you making great products, you’re taking care of the team behind it too. This is something that more and more consumers appreciate.

American Consumers Get a Swell of Pride When Something is Made in the USA

A more obvious benefit of selling products made in USA/an FDA registered facility is that you tug at the heartstrings of proud Americans. There’s a sense of patriotism and individualism when buying local, so that’s something Americans, and most other regions, gobble up and take pride in.

There are even some Americans that strictly buy products made by fellow countrymen in the US. Many of them don’t want to support fast fashion and other production lines in foreign countries that might mistreat others.

So, much like raising a flag of red, white, and blue above your head to signify your love for country, show off American pride by plastering a “made in the USA” label on your private label products. FLPL can help you do that when our team works on your packaging design process.

Injecting “made in the USA” into your brand story can attract many patriotic customers. This is especially the case for those who want to support local manufacturers and homegrown brands. Use this to your advantage. Communicate your message as much as possible, from your packaging to your brand’s website and social media.

Being Made in the USA Gives Off a Feeling of High Quality

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Many Americans prefer products made in USA/an FDA registered facility because they have a perception that they are always high-quality. Because of that, they’re willing to pay 20% more for US-made goods.

It’s easy to surmise that products made in the USA are of better quality than in other countries, like China and developing nations. After all, the USA is a well-known first-world country popular for its work in technology and innovation. There will always be a feeling of quality and caliber in products made in the USA.

And the people who believe this to be true are not wrong! There are hundreds of born and bred American brands that are known for putting out products that are of the highest standards and have good longevity, from cars to appliances to cosmetics.

It Endears Your Brand to Consumers Who Are Overseas

People from other countries and continents look up to the USA. They see it as a powerful country known for its plethora of high-quality goods and services. They regard the USA with esteem and admiration.

So it only makes sense that when they come to visit the country as tourists and go shopping, products made in USA/an FDA registered facility are on their radar. They shop for American-made products on their visits, especially when those products are not readily available in their home countries. They make for functional souvenirs!

But it’s not just tourists that gravitate towards these goods. Labeling your products made in USA/an FDA registered facility also opens up your business to the global scene. It makes it super attractive for buyers from overseas. In short, being US-made gives you an international audience that pays attention. For those of you looking to expand, this is ideal.

It’s Better for the Environment for Production to Be in the Same Country

If your main target market for your private label company is Americans, then manufacturing your products in the US is a lot more eco-friendly than importing them from faraway regions. 

By using less transportation to move your goods from one place to another, you’re cutting down on carbon emissions

Think about it. Moving your beauty products from Florida to LA (as you would with FLPL) is a way shorter distance than importing goods from China or the Middle East. And the shorter your travel time, the less fuel you use up. This makes localized production and distribution is super efficient for the environment.

Another way producing goods in the USA is better for the environment is that many other countries don’t have the same protection laws about pollution and bodies of water, like the US does. Factories in the US adhere to very strict standards when it comes to waste management and emissions.

American materials are also known to be among the most eco-efficient in the world. American-made fertilizer, paper, chemicals, and pulp produce less waste and pollution.

So when you sell and buy products made in USA/an FDA registered facility, you’re not just getting something that’s high-quality. You’re also being a responsible world citizen by helping out the planet too. In this day and age, consumers respect an environmentally aware brand.

You’ll Deal with Fewer Logistical Issues in the Long Run

Warehouse for products Made in USA /an FDA Registered Facility

Working with a private label manufacturer in the USA makes logistics a breeze. There will likely be no need for air and sea cargo shipping. You’ll also hardly deal with customs, which is sure to be expensive if you have to go through it.

For example, at FLPL, not only do we produce your beauty goods, but we also deliver and store them in our Los Angeles warehouse. There, your products will be well taken care of until you’re ready to pick them up for distribution. It couldn’t be easier!

When all of the work you do for your private label brand is in the US, from production to distribution, you’ll be able to ship out products to your customers faster. It also allows you to offer next-day delivery and expedited shipping. These features are very valuable to many customers excited to get their purchases. 

It Strengthens the Economy, Leading to More Potential for Success

When an American buys goods made in America, it’s terrific news for the economy. This triggers a domino effect of events that strengthens money circulation in the country. This results in more jobs for people and more purchasing power for your consumers.

During times when the economy does great, more job opportunities are created for Americans. This means that the more products are manufactured within the USA, the more people will have a higher chance of securing income and a living wage.

What’s in it for your business, you ask? Well, the money you invest for manufacturing products in the USA will come trickling back down into your business too. Better jobs mean people have more disposable income. This gives them more freedom to shop from small businesses like yours!

It Gives You More Visibility of Your Production Process

When you partner with a local private label company that helps you create products made in USA/an FDA registered facility, you get to easily keep tabs on the work. Since you’re working with a company within reach, you’ll be able to monitor every step of the process.

It’s wise to select a manufacturer like FLPL. We’re based in the US, making meetings and alignments go more smoothly especially if you’re in Florida. You can simply call up your team and schedule a meeting at a place that suits you.

It also allows you to be more hands-on. You won’t need to struggle with different time zones between where you are and where your production is being held.

Working with a partner in the USA also allows you to address pressing problems more rapidly. If there are important issues to go through that can’t be settled over email, you can address them faster when your private label company is in the same country. You’ll be able to do this via a phone call or even an in-person meeting. It’s so much more convenient.

Remember: Always Tell the Story of Being Made in the USA

Made in USA label

If you’re manufacturing and distributing products made in USA/an FDA registered facility, maximize it by making noise about it however you can. The best way is obviously by including your “made in America” claim in your product packaging’s labels. But you can do it elsewhere too, like on social media. Choose platforms that align with your target audience. Go with a variety, to increase your reach.

Ensure that your customers know that you’re supporting the American cause and economy by telling your story. Talk about your company vision to give more Americans jobs and opportunities. Discuss how you want the US to be the leader of the industry on a global scale.

This is sure to tug on the hearts of patriotic Americans who want to buy from companies that put their countrymen first. That, in turn, boosts sentiment about your brand. This means that more people learn about what you stand for. There’s more chance they’ll patronize your products if they believe in the same American values as you.

A creative way to communicate to your potential customers that your products are made in the USA is through social media content. 

Create some “how it’s made” content from your American and FDA-registered facilities. This shows that you’re a homegrown brand working with products made only in America and in safe labs and factories. It’ll also give customers a personal insight into your manufacturing process.

You can also play around with moment marketing. Create timely and relevant content that puts your product at the forefront during US holidays, like on Labor Day or Veterans’ Day. Honor Americans with posts like this. However, remember to always bring it back to your brand’s “made in the USA” narrative.


Taking pride in the fact that you have private label products made in USA/an FDA registered facility has a plethora of benefits for you and your target market. 

It’s a great claim that can drive brand love, but more importantly, it assures your buyers of safety and quality. The fact that it’s good for the environment is just the icing on the cake. It also makes things a breeze for you in the long run. It’s easier to be more hands-on when your private label partner is based in the same country.

FLPL, for one, is based in Florida. So, if you’re from America and are looking at selling private label products made in USA/an FDA registered facility, look no further. FLPL will help you get on your feet and communicate how you’re proud to be selling goods made in the Land of the Free.

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