What to Know Before Private Labeling Hair Products

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Setting up a business that creates and manufactures hair products can be a very lucrative move, and is one that becomes even more so if you choose to go down the private labeling route. 

Private labeling offers some undeniable advantages, which is why more and more businesses are making use of this manufacturing model to help take their brand to the next level. However, just like when it comes to anything business-related, it’s never a good idea to jump in with your eyes closed. Doing some research into private labeling, particularly in relation to the hair care/styling market, will help to ensure that this is the right path for your business to take.

So, without further ado, read on as FLPL shares some important things that you should know before you start private labeling hair products.

Private Labeling Massively Lowers Risk

Launching any new product line will always come with a number of risks, but private labeling keeps these to a minimum. 

How? Firstly, by giving you a team of experts to work with. Your private label manufacturer will (hopefully) have plenty of experience in hair products. While you’ll still need to bring your unique ideas to the table, harnessing the knowledge of your private label manufacturer will immediately give your brand an edge.

Financial risk is lowered too when private labeling versus going it on your own. Sourcing ingredients, crafting formulas, liaising with factories, checking on the manufacturing process…all of this costs money. A private label manufacturer will already be well-versed in doing all of this, with a network of reliable factories in place that they can turn to. They’ll take control over the entire manufacturing process (if you wish), saving you both cash and stress.

Some Private Label Manufacturers Specialize in Hair Products

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Of course, in order to benefit from a private label manufacturer’s experience in producing hair-related goods, you’ll need to pick a company that actually specializes in this area. Don’t assume that every private labeling manufacturer will be able to help you to create high-quality hair products. Each one will have their own area of expertise.

Fortunately, the beauty world is an area that FLPL has always specialized in. Check out our track record by browsing through some of the brands that we’ve worked with in the past. You’ll see several hair brands on there, who sell everything from styling tools to hair care

Whether you want to create a hot new line of hair straighteners, sumptuous shampoos, or anything else hair-related, chances are that we’ve done this before. This puts us in the perfect position to advise you when it comes to the big decisions that you’ll need to make, ensuring that you choose the best way forward for your brand.

Your Hair Products Can Be As Unique As You Want Them to Be

Some people are under the impression that private label products are generic. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The misunderstanding comes from confusing private labeling with white labeling, in which generic products are purchased from a manufacturer and sold under various brand names. 

Instead, with private labeling, your products can be as unique as you want them to be. Got plans for one-of-a-kind formulas for hair care products, or design ideas for cutting-edge curling wands? With private labeling, you can make all of that happen.

If you’re new to the hair market and only have vague ideas, a good private label manufacturer will be able to make your dreams a reality. For example, at FLPL, we offer our clients an ingredient catalog to choose from. They can select the key ingredients that they want in a hair care formula and we’ll do the rest. It couldn’t be any easier!

The Path to Success Lies in Finding an Untapped Niche

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Of course, even if you team up with a fantastic private label manufacturer and create some amazing, high-quality products together, you’ll still find it difficult to sell them if you’re aiming at an already saturated market. Just like when launching any product, the key to success lies in finding your own niche.

This involves doing plenty of market research. You need to find out exactly what consumers need, as well as what they want. Learn about the areas in which other hair brands are lacking. This way, you’ll be able to fill those gaps. 

There are so many potential niches and micro-niches in the hair industry. A few that have really taken off recently are:

  • Hair care products for natural black hair
  • Scalp care products for bald heads
  • Hair products for busy people
  • Hair products for highly sensitive scalps

As you can see, those target audiences are quite specific. This can make them difficult to pinpoint. However, a good niche is exactly what you want if you’re hoping for your brand and products to stand out.

Branding Can Make or Break Your Business

In addition to finding an untapped niche, another way to draw potential customers in is with your branding. This gives your business an identity, making it memorable to consumers. It will also help you to build customer loyalty and lower price sensitivity. This essentially means that if, in the future, you decide to raise your prices, your loyal following will be happy to pay extra because they’ll be emotionally invested in your brand.

Good branding is vital, even if you’re going down the private labeling route. If you don’t have much experience in branding, find yourself a private label manufacturer that can help with this. At FLPL, we have an art and marketing team that can help you to flesh out all of your branding ideas. These will then influence your marketing and advertising strategies – something else that we can assist with!

Packaging is More Important Than Many Realize

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Packaging can sometimes end up being an afterthought for new brands. They spend so much time working on product design, branding, marketing, and finances that they end up rushed when it comes to solidifying their packaging.

However, this is a huge mistake. Statistics show that 72% of American consumers say that the design of packaging greatly influences whether or not they buy a product. Eye-catching packaging is much more likely to persuade consumers to try new products, and it will also keep them coming back. 

Of course, designing and manufacturing the perfect packaging can be expensive. Many private label manufacturers don’t assist with this, meaning that you’ll need to team up with yet another company to get your packaging done.

Unless you’re able to soak up those extra costs, make sure that you go with a private label manufacturer that can help you with packaging too, such as FLPL. With us, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different packaging components and materials, before working with a designer to make that packaging yours.

You’ll Need to Adhere to Minimum Order Requirements

Wondering whether you can turn to creating and selling private label products as a hobby, ordering a few hundred at a time? 

Unlikely. In most cases, private label manufacturers will have minimum order requirements that you’ll need to adhere to if you want to work with them. This can be frustrating but it’s passed down from the factories themselves, who need to make sure that setting up a production line for your products is going to be worth their time

The good news is that minimum order requirements for private label products are usually much lower than if you were to work directly with a factory. In the case of the latter, you’d be looking at ordering tens of thousands of products. However, go through a private label manufacturer and that number would be much lower. At FLPL, for example, we ask that clients order a minimum of 5000 pieces. Again, this is lower than what many other private label manufacturers ask for, making us the perfect company to work with if you’re a small business!

Regulations Vary Depending on Where You Want to Sell Your Hair Products

Have you thought about where you plan on selling your hair products? This not only applies to your immediate plans but also to your future aspirations.

Why does this matter? Because different countries have different regulations when it comes to cosmetics. If you work with a private label manufacturer that only creates goods for the American market, you may struggle to then legally sell your products overseas.

This may not seem like a big deal at first, but, over time, you could end up missing out. After all, with a slick e-commerce store and a clever marketing campaign, you could very easily have people all over the world clamoring for your products. Not being able to sell to them because your products don’t meet the regulations for those countries would be a big missed opportunity.

The solution is to make sure that your private label manufacturer creates your products in a way that keeps them in line with universal regulations. At FLPL, we excel at this. The brands that we’ve worked with in the past sell their products across the globe, enabling them to build an amazing following. 

Private Labeling Hair Products With FLPL: What Does the Process Involve?

Wondering what the private labeling process actually involves when you work with FLPL?

It all begins with your concept. This will direct us when it comes to research and development, enabling the perfect products to be created. At the same time, our art and marketing department will be working hard on your branding and packaging, so that we can then give you a realistic product sample to approve.

Once approved, production begins. Strict quality control measures are carried out throughout so that we can make sure that you’ll be receiving nothing but the best.

Once your products are good to go, they’ll be shipped to our LA warehouse. We’ll then hold on to them until you’re ready for them to either be shipped onward or collected. 

After that, you can either go it on your own or continue to work with us. We can help with everything from setting up an e-commerce store to brand development, ensuring that your initial success continues well into the future!

Want to find out more about the private labeling services offered by FLPL? Click here to contact us today!

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