Item Number: FLPL952370

Cooling Vibration Effects
• Instantly cools skin, helping to relieve feelings of inflammation
• Soothes feelings of fatigue and soreness within your facial tissues
• Improves the appearance of wrinkles and large pores for a firmer, smoother and more sculpted look. Heating Vibration Effects
• Stimulates circulation, encouraging a brighter and more luminous looking complexion.
• Encourages maximum product absorption.
• Skin feels softer, more supple and moisturized.

Country Of Origin: China


  1. Before powering the device, wash your face and neck thoroughly with a preferred cleanser. Pat dry with a wash cloth.
  2. To power the device, push and hold the On/Off Power Control (5) for three seconds. To indicate power “on”, the LCD Screen (2) will illuminate bright red.
  3. Select the desired function of either “cooling sensation” by selecting the Cooling and Vibration Selector (6) OR “heating sensation” by selecting the Heating and Vibration Selector (7).
  4. Temperature may be adjusted to five different heating or cooling settings by pushing the Temperature Control Selector (8).
  5. Once the temperature is set, apply a preferred facial gel or serum to your skin then gently glide the Heating and Cooling Plate (1) over your skin in outward, massaging motions to achieve desired results.
  6. After completing usage, turn the device off by pressing and holding the On/Off Power Control until the screen is no longer illuminated.