Blackhead Removal Device


Item Number: FLPL952367

Blackhead removal device uses the latest vacuum technology to extract dirt and grime trapped in your skin. By making use of dynamic air pressure principles, this product may “suction out” blackheads, leaving your skin fresh and free from clogged pores. To prepare for blackhead extraction, the Microcrystalline Head first exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. This allows blackheads to be extracted with greater ease later, while smoothing out the epidermis and helping to promote cell regrowth. Gentle and repetitive application of the device onto the skin (“suctioning” and “releasing”) also improves facial blood circulation, resulting in younger, more lustrous skin.

Country Of Origin: China


Before Use

  1. Attach the appropriate head.
  2. Press on the power button. The device should start working.
  3. Test the device on a small area of your forearm.
  4. If there are no visible skin reactions, you may be assured that the device is suitable for facial use. If uncertain, please seek professional, medical advice.

During Use

  1. Attach the appropriate head.
  2. Press the power button once. The device should start working.
  3. Press once more for a higher pulsating intensity, and three times more for the highest. (There are four pulsating intensities)
  4. Use the appropriate intensity for your desired outcome (please refer to the section on “Attachable Suction Heads”).
  5. Press the power button once more to switch off.

After Use

  1. Remove the attached head.
  2. Keep in safe place.