About Us

From Vision to Product Development…


Florida Private Labeling handles specialty private labels, customizing each of its brands – from vision through product development, full design of product and packaging to logistics.

Using the latest technology and talent in the industry, FLPL is creating private labels with unique characteristics, branding, positioning and unparalleled high-quality standards.

We pride ourselves with creating brands that leave a mark on the industry, stay strong and lead in sales and popularity among consumers and on social media.

Put your mind at ease – we do everything for you:


A full manufacturing service

Create a logo for you (or use your existing one)

Control the production and assure you a top quality product

Manufacturing options in USA and Asia



Importing fees and processes for overseas production are all covered

Shipment or pick up of your goods is available from our CA facility

Full customization of each product to fit your market goals

We can help you sell your products! Our team of online experts and business consultants is available to assure your success.